If you appear unapproachable people won’t try to talk to you, but when you factor in your above average looks that inapproachability becomes intimidating.

It’s a cliché I’m sure you’ve heard before that the prettiest girls often have the fewest dates and the explanation given for this is that boys are intimidated by the girl’s good looks. But fear not, the solution is simple; all you have to do is take down the barrier and give off a more approachable vibe.

Picture yourself being the very definition of grace and charm.

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Don’t worry about putting on an act or trying to impress him. As to the second part of your concern, why guys don’t come up to you, this too has little to do with your self-confidence.

People who are shy often unconsciously put up a protective barrier that others easily pick up on.

Some of the most confident and successful people in the world get tongue-tied when dealing with scenarios that they find intimidating.

I make friends easily, and I have a lot of friends. Being shy and lacking self-confidence don’t always go hand in hand.

In psychology this is known as a “social phobia” and there is only one way to beat it… So how exactly does one go about overcoming such a fear?

The first step in confronting a social phobia, or any phobia for that matter, is a process called “visualization.” During the “visualization” process you literally imagine yourself engaging in the behavior that you find so overwhelming.You can also open up your body language; don’t cross your arms in front of you or clasp your books over your chest, don’t keep your hands behind your back, keep your head up and make friendly eye contact with the people you want to talk to, laugh, when talking to somebody put them at ease by quickly placing your hand on their arm or by smiling as they talk to you.All of these things are cues that you enjoy talking to people and that you are open to meeting new people.Next, imagine yourself successfully navigating the situation.That is, imagine your ideal out come, the way you would like such a situation to play out under ideal circumstances.If you can relax about what may happen then you’ll be able to focus on the moment without fear.