Compared to these women, you may be better off since you don’t need to share your boyfriend with macho friends who always want to whisk him away to the outdoors or the nightclub which has a reputation for gorgeous strippers.

Then there are some guys who are intensely into hobbies like fishing, hunting, boat-making and so on which not only attract most male enthusiasts but which they would much rather pursue with their male buddies rather than girlfriends.

Women who have such boyfriends can be found wishing, more than once, that their partners were not into such activities which are only about male-bonding and which leave the girlfriends feeling ignored and neglected.

So if your boyfriend does not any friends of his own, it could give rise to certain unhappy consequences for you too.

The most significant of these is perhaps the fact that he will be excessively dependent on you when he has nothing else to do in his leisure time.

At times however you do across some individuals who do not appear to put much faith in these social connections.

If you are seeing such a man, you may at times be faced with the question whether you should or should not date such a person.

I just don't want to end up with someone who's going to cling to me all the day.

Why does my ex check up on my video stories on whatsapp everyday if he's dating someone new?

Likewise true friends can prove to be invaluable in sorting out things, if you and your partner are going through a rough patch in the relationship.

Finally friends provide perspective; things about your partner which bother you too much may not seem so important after all when you discuss them with friends.

Worse still, you may have to rustle up a quick dinner or prepare endless rounds of coffee when your boyfriend’s friends decide to park themselves at your place over the weekend The biggest advantage however to a boyfriend who keeps to himself is that you have relatively greater freedom in fixing dates, picnics and outings.