With e Harmony, you are likely to find a partner who will be able to relate to you on a psychological level.

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e Harmony in contrast offers members elaborate questionnaires that are quite unique and completely distinct from what you may expect to find in regular online dating websites.

In this website, members have to tick on various boxes because e Harmony focuses on different dimensions and personality traits of individuals.

You will find that both these dating websites have their advantages and disadvantages.

You should make a choice after carefully reviewing these in both the sites.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why more and more people opt for in place of e Harmony.

These are some important points of difference between and e Harmony.

has been active for many years now having been founded in 1995.

However, e Harmony is comparatively recent, having been set up in 2000 in the United States and have been active in the United Kingdom since 2008.

The dating charges in are quite affordable, amounting to approximately .99 per month.

Dating expenses are higher in e Harmony, amounting to about .95 per month.

You can analyze their features, advantages and drawbacks and then make a choice depending on the kind of dating experience you prefer.