How can states prevent texting while driving when it’s generally accepted as the norm?published in Traffic Injury Prevention found little difference in rates of texting while driving between states with and without laws that prohibited the behavior.

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Twelve percent of drivers in states with texting bans reported texting while driving compared to 14 percent of drivers in states without bans.

For drivers ages 18-24, the difference was 45 percent vs. of 348 college-age drivers found that 92 percent reported reading, 81 percent reported replying, and 70 percent reported initiating texts while driving.

Everybody makes mistakes — that’s just part of learning.

But it doesn’t make sense to keep doing something that feels wrong to you.

It’s a good idea to talk about all this at a time and in a place where you’re comfortable and won’t be interrupted.

It’s a great idea to do this while your clothes are still on!

A solid relationship comes from being with someone who supports you, trusts you, and appreciates you for who you are. As you start thinking about love and sex, don’t forget to focus on feeling good about yourself. When it comes to deciding about kissing and more, remember that so much of what you see on TV and hear in songs is not real or healthy.

And remember that there are lots of ways to show affection other than sex. You’ll probably remember these exciting days for many years, and you want to remember them happily! “I think you should wait until you find the right guy — the guy that really loves you back, the one that is special.

Abstinence is a harder promise to keep as you get older because there’s so much pressure to be sexually active. They’ll help you keep your promise.” Anyone you’re seriously thinking about having sex with should be someone you can talk to about it.