Seven years later, the only use for most of the dusty, unloved venues from 2008 was as a lure for another chance at the Games in 2022. Yet back to Beijing the world will go — somehow, some way.

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It had a very nice living room with a comfy lounge and big TV.

Apartment was serviced daily, with free bottled water provided.

It’s a sad day when the International Olympic Committee cannot even clear one of the lowest bars for choosing the host city for the Winter Games: snow. Even in that manufactured sporting bubble, though, the organizers couldn’t manufacture real fans. I’ll give Beijing this: Its 2008 Olympics were a marketing coup for the companies eager to court China’s 1.3 billion residents. There’s even more to be made, considering the huge commercial upside.

Yes, snow — the element that most would say is crucial for holding events that are contested on it. Sure, they said, they had sold all of their tickets to the competitions, but — in a city of nearly 17 million residents — where were all the people? Yao Ming, the basketball player who was involved in the Olympic bid, saw the potential.

The vote over the only other bid, from Almaty, Kazakhstan, was closer than expected, 44-40. The skiing competitions will be held in two different areas, one 55 miles from the Chinese capital, the other 100 miles away. vote — eliminating the annoying hurdle that the Winter Games host actually has natural snow — is that it has created a precedent for holding a Winter Games almost anywhere. (It’s only a few hours away.)Or Dubai, where the organizers have enough cash to fly everyone to the Alps for the skiing events. Already, Beijing gave us a glimpse at an Olympics held not as part of the city, but in a far-off corner of the city, devoid of an atmosphere that would reflect the world’s biggest sporting party.

Or, of course, by its mountains, which Almaty organizers pointedly — and repeatedly — noted were covered by snow that actually fell from the sky. Or Phoenix, where the luge track can run right down the side of the Grand Canyon.

The airport terminal building was sealed on New Year's Eve and is currently in the decoration phase.

Supporting projects from the municipal government are 90 percent complete, and the road overpass has been fully connected.

Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.