The discovery of the “Pogue Connection” prompted a buying frenzy amongst collectors back in 2007, and values on 6139s doubled just about overnight.Colonel Pogue decided to sell his personal watch at auction in 2008, hammering for just under 00 (all proceeds went to Astronaut Scholarship Foundation).

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All watch enthusiasts appreciate a storied timepiece.

As passionate purveyors of obsolete timekeeping technology, it is simply in our nature to put a value on the history of our prized mechanical watches as well as the quality and craftsmanship behind them.

Rougher examples, and pieces with aftermarket replacement parts are very commonly found for about half that.

Regardless, a 6139 is a great affordable point of entry for a beginning collector, and the watches have a genuine (albeit unofficial) connection to the Space Program.

Most notably, the 6139-6002 features an internally rotating bezel with tachymetre scale, operated via the crown.

The 6139 range was offered with a variety of case shapes and dial variations, but the yellow-dialed version you see here has become the most iconic.

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Timepieces have, of course, been designed to aid man in these exploits since the last world war, and collectors lust after purpose-built models with a genuine connection to the history of flight.