There's also the fact that the Kardashians have voiced their concerns over the couple's relationship and that they believe they may not have the solidity their relationship needs to last.Naturally, all the questioning about why Kylie's hiding her pregnancy has led to the rumor that Travis may have had a hand in keeping it quiet.

Like the rest of the Kardashians, Kylie lives and breathes for social media and her public image.

So, the most perplexing part of all this is Kylie's efforts to hide her supposed pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Travis' relations with other members of the Kardashian clan didn't stop at Kendall.

While Blac Chyna isn't actually a Kardashian, she was in a relationship with Kylie's brother, Rob Kardashian and is the mother of his daughter, Dream.

This means that the couple could still be together.

However, all other signs, like Travis's bachelor status behavior and recent news of Kylie moving to New York point to a break-up.Kylie has been giving Kim a run for her money lately.There certainly hasn't been a shortage of news around the youngest Kardashian sister lately.Travis hasn't been as committed to Kylie as he was before the pregnancy rumors started and it seems rather obvious that he's not at all ready to be a father.When asked recently about this very subject and if Travis had gotten advice from his own father about fatherhood, his response was rather bizarre with the rapper only willing to comment, "Uh... "Eloquence aside, this is a very telling response in regards to Travis's stance on if he wants to become a parent.Since the baby rumors started, Kylie and Travis have not been seen together as much as they used to be.