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Bill Ruh wrote me a nostalgic e-mail which became the main topic of today’s column. As promised in that column, today is set aside for your comments about Ruh’s list or about your own recollections of “things that aren’t here anymore.” Click on the “comments” button below and start writin’.

He recalled past department stores and restaurants of his Inland Valley youth, places like W. If you’re new to this blog, you can explore past entries by clicking on the roll call of categories or months along the righthand side.

The “Eateries Past” link will be of particular interest — you can read comments there about Ontario’s old Mural House, for instance — as will the “Reminiscin'” link, which contains another Ruh reminiscence about car dealers of the Inland Valley’s past.

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Writers must disclose their disability in their biography or in their work.

Biographies may be up to 100 words in length, and should be written in third-person.

Below are the Congratulations to the winning authors. This was at a time when nearly every home received a newspaper.