Ultimately, I knew I wouldn’t want to date someone who was an uncaring dad, that would be a huge turn off, so supporting him came easy.

I feel proud of him every time we celebrate his kids’ successes.

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If you have a needy personality, then I’m going to suggest that dating a divorced parent isn’t for you.

You have to be able to let them be the best parent they can be.

I’ve never been married and before this relationship hadn’t had a relationship longer than a few years.

Divorce wasn’t something I’d ever experienced close up.

Our lives had been on very different paths before we met.

I decided to take a risk on him though and it sure paid off, I couldn’t be happier.I wanted to share my tips on how to thrive while dating a divorced dad in case it’s a risk you’re thinking about taking.When you date a dad, there’s a fear that you have to compete with his children for his time and attention. No, you aren’t always going to be his number one priority in life but nor should you be.It’s really important to give them the space to heal.You may wonder why can he be so sad when your relationship is so good but it can take years for that pain to heal and you can’t speed it along or ignore it. If the grieving is taking over the joy of your own growing relationship, then you may need to confront the fact that he may just not be ready to be with someone else.As I was writing my response, I realized I was writing my next post about relationships. And while I only have limited experience with being on the dad’s side, I do have a little knowledge of what you speak.