Is my experience on how people get to know each other unusual? It's meant to tell about yourself and whatever else you would like to write. Albeit, some write more than others and still yet others have absolutely nothing to say. Sheesh, if one wrote everything they were interested in it would be more difficult in some instances to begin a conversation. There are some things I am very interested in yet haven't done them at this point.

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I think what matters it that as single people, people have things that they enjoy doing. I love jumping into the car and taking a ride, finding little towns to wander around or like you said, I LOVED walking in Muir Woods when I was out in San Francisco. I can have fun just playing poker with friends or having a BBQ party. He was more than just a tad convincing to those who knew him best.. Last guy who told me he was decent asked me to be exclusive and then fooled around.

One of my neatest dates was a guy who was burning out a tree stump on his land. Friendlyldy, What you've written in you post are exactly the types of activities and situations I personally find informative, interesting and totally helpful getting to know you as an individual. I don't think too many people type up that the pc is a favorite activity.. that is where we all are and what "activity" we're all doing at the moment.. So there is the way someone sees themself and the way they act after they are finished justifying what they do.

Some might find “Charlotte’s” stories about her world travels fascinating, but to me she may seem too loud and talkative. I look at the profiles like that page opposite the centerfold where she says she likes kittens and horseback riding and was a tomboy growing up but look at her now. Mostly I am puzzled why I take time from my busy schedule of well developed activities where I meet lots of interesting people, to log onto a site full of distant strangers who just keep getting stranger.

So for me, finding out what people are actually doing in their lives seems like a much better way to get insights into what they’re really all about than simply reading a list of generic positive personality traits or a list of likes and dislikes. If people on POF want to meet people, why don’t more profiles include details about what people actually do in their lives? OP I think people do the best that they can with what they have.

I’d expect those of us over 45 to have some well developed interests and activities that we’ve established over our lifetime.

Please understand I’m not trying to be critical of people’s profiles, I’m really puzzled about how sites like POF can possibly work.

His grandkids were there and we roasted marshmallows over the burning tree stump and had a ball.......... They are real events and places and to me provide so much more insight and reality than a list of generic personality traits, likes and dislikes. As far as dislikes..a man has something more than the ones listed .smoker, drugs and drinking I have a tendency to steer away from them.

Loved the description of roasting the marshmallows over the burning tree stump! I have found guys who have a string of things they dislike will eventually find something in you they dislike...cause they are looking for that...

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

But for me a list of personality traits isn’t helpful because the traits usually listed are fairly generic, almost always positive, and of course, subjective. Turning them on and off is how Bundy and others eluded authorities until the villians made tactical errors. All sorts of people list themselves as "attractive", "handsome", "awesome" and, well, s/he's just not?!