In situations like these, more time is not helpful.

We were introduced by mutual friends, and I liked Danny from the very start. I really like Danny, and I can see the possibility of marrying him… I feel like we need to date longer, especially now that I don't have the job-related pressures to preoccupy me.

However, I really wasn't so focused on the dynamics between us, because I was concentrating on finding a job in my field and getting acclimated to a new hospital. It seems like before I could catch my breath, we'd been dating for only four months, and I started to hear different versions of, "It's time to get engaged. Danny has told me that I'm the "One" for him, and he can't understand why I'm hesitating.

Alternatively, they were indeed not right for each other, and they could have been spared a lot of agony if they would have broken up before this pressured decision to get engaged.

We suggest that you talk to the man you are dating, and explain your feelings in a way he can accept.

Dear Rosie & Sherry, I'm a 25-year-old woman who has been dating a 26-year-old man for the past six months.

I recently became certified as a nurse-midwife, and Danny is a software designer.Family and friends may also begin to "strongly suggest" engagement, and simply cannot understand what they’re waiting for!(You are only in your 20s, but for those in their 30s and above, this “time pressure” is much more pronounced.) They may feel that the couple is right for each other, and their own internal timetable tells them that after this certain period of time, the couple "must" be ready to get married.One of the dangers of taking longer is that your relationship can deteriorate due to the build-up of frustration.At the very least, the conversation you have with him will tell you a lot about his ability to be sensitive to your needs.You could say, "I enjoy going out with you and I really think our relationship is moving forward. But up until a few weeks ago, I had so much going on, on the outside, that I couldn't devote enough energy to building our relationship.