For me, the anniversary date of the death of my late husband was never as bad as I thought it was going to be.Early on, each year, it would be the couple of weeks that led up to the anniversary that always knocked me for a loop.Surprisingly, I never realized how stressed I was until after the day had passed.

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To many, the one year anniversary seems to hold the most importance, and, I agree, it is a very significant date.

It is a marker of all that you have accomplished by yourself.

A million times "Yes" my love Could anyone else ever take your place Never, never my love The years we shared do I regret a one?

Never a minute's regret my love Would I live them over given the choice?

It gives you the option of deciding when you will feel your grief and when you can compartmentalize it -- that is, put it away for a while and deal with the present.

Try to keep in mind that it is what you do to help yourself during the passage of time that determines the pace of your grief journey.

You have managed to cope with all the seasons of the year and the hard days they have brought; you have made independent decisions; you have supported your family financially and emotionally; and you have grown more than you can imagine.

But, please, don’t be fooled that at one year all your grief will magically dissipate, and you will be ready to completely move on with your life.

Anniversary Memorial poems and verses for the anniversary of your loved one's death.

It is often difficult to know what to do or say when this day arrives.

Personally, I think it is more the anticipation of “the day” than the day itself.