Someone who truly loves and wants you will always choose trust over suspicions. They express their love even at the most unexpected moments.And it doesn’t have to be in words but in the most unexpected things and gestures.

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Lots of them also fail for the same reasons no-distance relationships fail.

Sure, there are couples who make long distance work, but they are rare.

"Predictability will help create a rhythm to the relationship and allow you to function at a higher level when you are not with your partner," explains Dr. Start a Google calendar if you must, or just promise to see each other every two weeks. You can both be in a healthy long-distance relationship and create an independent life for yourself. "Allow it to happen while you continue to be as healthy and strong as an individual as possible." If you put all of your time into maintaining your relationship, you're putting a lot of pressure on the relationship — it work out!!!

In fact, taking care of your independence is only going to benefit your relationship. "Sacrificing your daily life, or watching it pass by simply to be with the other person comprises your wellbeing and places too much pressure on the relationship itself," adds Dr. "Do the work, but let love be the glue that holds you together." As with everything in life, it's a balance.

That is why it’s very important to never entertain unnecessary thoughts and emotions that will only lead to terrible fights and unhealthy arguments. They will never keep you from living a happy and independent life.

Instead of nurturing hate and anger, try to focus on the good side of longing and loving. Their absence and the commitment that you have with each other won’t serve as a prison, a cage that will hinder you from enjoying life beyond your relationship. You know that it’s real love when you feel confident to focus on your personal and professional goals without worrying about whether you’re putting enough time and effort on your relationship or not.

While I've never been in a long-distance relationship myself, I'm not totally against them.

I love feelings and crushing and dating people, but I also really love my own independence and need lots of alone time.

They understand that your world does not revolve around them and they would gladly support you in everything that will make you feel happy. In other words, you don’t have to focus on one aspect of your life all the time because both of you know how important it is to move forward and work on your dreams. They know that they don’t have to worry about where you are or who you are with because they fully and genuinely trust you not only as a person capable of protecting herself but also as a partner who won’t easily give in to temptations.