With more than two decades of experience in the restaurant industry, he’s seen his fair share of workplace sparks fly.“You can tell when workers are dating by their timing – they stop talking when people are around, never can be found at the same place at the same time, and show up at work two minutes apart,” says Phillips.As the tracks changed and "Burning Desire" slid into my background noise, I felt the memories from my office party subconsciously creep into my mind for at least the 50th time. Keeping my eyes firmly shut, I lazily browsed the highlight reel of the night: how it felt to be so close to him all night, his arm around me, his fingers eagerly gripping my waist and us enjoying the atmosphere and each other's company.

Over time, I began to appreciate his quick, witty humor and saw how generally likable he was overall.

Our friendship blossomed as we took to Skype to rant about work and the people around us.

have done their best to bring the co-worker-with-benefits scenario to the mainstream, many companies (and fellow workers) still frown upon interoffice romances.

That doesn’t mean co-workers aren’t swapping spit in the supply closet when you aren’t paying attention.

I never understood the saying, "Don't sh*t where you eat."Suffice it to say, I understand now. When I first started at my former company, Seth* and I barely spoke, unless it was out of necessity. I didn't mind him (and I don't think he minded me, either).

But, he was a few years younger than I was, and before I got to know him, I just saw him as a cocky kid. Our desks were positioned very close to each other, and we ended up partaking in daily life together, voluntarily or not.

In turn, I remembered how the shirt he wore accentuated his shoulders.

(He really was very attractive and definitely my type. )My mind ran through the various flirtations we enjoyed throughout the evening, but I quickly fast-forwarded to the end of the night. A 2012 survey shows that upwards of 59 percent of respondents have been involved with a co-worker at some point in their career. He met Michelle Obama at a Chicago law firm they both worked at.

I knew myself too well, and it was already too late. Worse yet, I already knew what that meant for me: likely heartbreak. To this day, some of my very best friends are former co-workers.