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The Sysdig hosted workshop in Minneapolis is independent from any other industry event and is free to sign up, as is registration for the Federal Workshop.

An additional ticket must be purchased for the Sysdig Container Troubleshooting Workshop hosted during Kube Con Cloud Native Con EU.

However, “if there is insufficient space to include this information on the container label, the package type term should appear on the carton labeling where it will be easily visible.” The discard statement should be included on the prescribing information for single-dose and single-patient-use injectable medical products, as well as on the carton (when there is space).

The guidance provides an example of discard statement for single-use products, which is: “Discard unused portion.” Because of the beyond-use-date, multiple-dose containers do not typically have a discard statement.

According to the guidance, “applicants should determine the proper package type term (‘single-dose,’ ‘multiple-dose,’ or ‘single-patient-use’) for injectable medical products for human use.” In order to allow users to easily identify the package type, the Agency also states that applicants should provide the appropriate package type term on all components of the product’s label, which includes the container label, carton label, and prescribing information (where applicable).

The guidance states that the term “single-dose” should be included on the labels of all single-dose products that have a United States Pharmacopeia (USP) monograph.

Sysdig analyzes containers in real time for troubleshooting or captures container activity for later forensics and incident reporting.

Sysdig Falco, a container runtime security tool, enables companies to monitor container security in production without instrumenting or modifying them in any way.

Attendees of the workshops will get hands-on and use-case-driven training.