Because when you’ve hit your 30's, there’s an expectation that you’ll find the guy, get married and have babies — even when you’re not ready to pause your career or give up a carefree and single life. I’m a huge believer that your thoughts create your reality.

And so if you’re always thinking that you’re running out of time or that you’ll never meet the right guy, those are the exact situations you’ll attract.

dating mistakes women do-72

I’ll be 37 and I'm trying to have a baby," Caitlyn said.

This is the kind of math many 30-something single women do.

I didn’t mean to confuse you with my comments about not approaching and everything, but I do approach and have practiced stuff from your site.

what I mean about not approaching is mostly day time and night street game.

Sub-Zero’s commented multiple times in the past that what he wants is to have lots of success with women, and in particular he wants to have lots of success with women 10 years his junior. The problem is that how he goes about achieving these objectives (and how many guys do) is flawed. I’ve seen time and again guys frustrated with their results making one or more of these same dating mistakes.

The mistakes all center around the same error: the guy gets too caught up on doing certain little things, and misses the big picture.Calling constantly or getting upset when he doesn't call at the time he said he would is a sure-fire way to guarantee he will never call again.We go on dates to have fun and learn about someone new.I always have felt like think that since I was young.that is how I feel, but I know I can’t feel like that.The mistake all women make at some point in a relationship is to try and change a man.