Other than these everyday signs, do you know your and your partner's name holds the key to the compatibility between you two?

And it is a great help if you do not know the person enough to spend time with them but are curious about the future perspective of the relationship.

But hold on, you love this person and to love is to mean love and accept them for exactly who they are, otherwise, there is no point.

Well, in that case, Love Calculator is your best friend.

Contrary to what Shakespeare said, apparently there is a lot in a name, at least when you are trying to find the compatibility quotient between you and your love interest.

I'm the luckiest woman in the world as I'm in love with my best friend. Whenever something good happens, you're the first person I want to share with.. Would he turn to be your true soul mate or is he just flirting with you for some immature fun?

When I am sad, I know that I can count on you to take me in your arms and tell me everything will be alright. Take the quiz below to find answers to all these questions!

And there are some simple signs to look out for, which can tell if you are compatible or not.

First of all, there are not many fights between a compatible couple, and even if there are, you are not too afraid of them because deep down you know everything is going to be fine.

I just wanted let you know by Love Calculator that I love you more than even the most heartfelt words can express. a) He always steals glances and looks for excuses to talk to me b) He introduces me to people I don't know c) He behaves as normally with me as he does with other friends d) We don't have mutual friends e) He doesn't pay attention to me at all a) Yes, and he seems to be quite serious about it b) Yes, but he does it in a jovial mood c) Yes, we do so, but less lately d) No, he has never discussed any such thing e) No, he says we’re just good friends e) No, he’s made it clear that we aren’t committed a) Yes, he definitely shares a lot of personal stuff b) Yes, but at times he’s reluctant in sharing some specific personal details c) No, he prefers talking about sexual or flirty stuff d) No, I have to push him for sharing something interesting about his personal life e) No, he’d never do that, even in his rarest dreams a) Any of us can start the conversation.

As we talk a lot with each other, it does not really matter as to who starts the conversation b) He is the one who is always friendly and starts the conversation with a sweet hello c) Who said that we ever talked?

And most importantly, you make efforts for the relationship to work.

Your compatibility might also be a reflection of the friendship you share.

All you have to do is enter your name and the name of your partner in the Love Flames software available on the internet, and get the predictions about your relationship.