From Thais on the street who look at them like they are sex pests to being lumped together with every other foreign guy on a grand two-week vacation in Pattaya — guys feel judged.

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People assume you are here — or with them — for the wrong reasons.

I feel especially vulnerable at Chatuchak [a popular weekend market].

Blah, blah, blah, yes, we’ve seen every lad article, bro blog, sexpat soliloquy and beyond singing the praises of dating in Thailand for foreign men. In these interviews, we heard from men who question why women are interested in them, who have to endure long weekends with extended Thai families, and feel constantly judged by complete strangers.

But what about the dark parts that are mentioned less often?

It took him a long time to overcome that feeling, but he did eventually date a Thai woman for over a year.

“Once I was actually dating someone, it became more personal and I stopped thinking about it so much.

Chase, 37, is from Canada and reports feeling judged by other foreigners when he dated a Thai — largely because he recalls making the exact same judgments about mixed couples when he moved to Thailand seven years ago with an American girlfriend.

“When I first came here and saw those couples, it was my default assumption that those were not real or meaningful relationships.

There are many older white men with hot, young disheveled women there who are obviously out in last night’s clothes. He knows a bit about the difficulties of dating in Thailand and has been friendly with many older foreign guys that date younger Thai women.