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Ive contracted for some of the biggest companies that are well regarded as being great paying.

I don't understand why they whyhe is still friends and neee some advice, please.

It is definitely worth a tryreplyjanuary 4, 2012, amkatieits nice to see other women going through the same headachewith ex girlfriends/friends.

It doeseat at me from time to time but we do have a great relationship sincejune 09.

Anyway, we have a lot of sexualchemistry and its only recently we began to slowly have emotionalchemistry we are still lacking connection.

Shegot married already but i think she cheated on her now husband becausethat same month that she got married she was still talking to myboyfriend.

This is so hard because i love him and has showed me thathe feels the same towards me.

Obviously, i have been having a situation thatis very similar to this womans worries about her currentsrelationship.

Brilliantread for anyone having relationship troubles to do with pastrelationships xxxxreplyjanuary 6, 2012, amjothank you you really opened my eye's.

I couldnt work on my costume plans because i couldnt cut out a pattern with my giant belly and uncomfortableness.