(A loyal alumnus, he later was the alumni association's president.) He then left for Chicago, Illinois, where he earned a law degree from Kent College of Law.

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Abbott's father, likely of Ebo ancestry, came from a line of house slaves and was majordomo of a planter's household. Hostile to Flora for her "inferior" extraction, the Abbott clan sued for custody of the infant. Married in 1847, they sent their children to be raised in Germany.

Following Herman's death, Sengstacke returned from Germany in 1869 to settle the estate in Savannah, where he met Flora and aided her custody battle.

In 1905 he founded the Chicago Defender , a weekly newspaper that soon dominated Chicago's already crowded black press.

Within a decade the Defender was arguably the nation's most important African American newspaper.

His passion for learning and equality (and a modest foray into journalism as founder of the Woodville Times) deeply shaped the young Abbott.

After briefly attending Savannah's Beach Institute and Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Abbott studied printing at Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia, graduating in 1896.Defender considerably influenced the Great Migration, the period when large numbers of African Americans moved from the South to urban areas in the North following World War I (1917-18).Connecting southern blacks with one another and with northern urban communities, riding the rails with the Pullman-car porters' massive (if informal) distribution and reporting network, and counterposing southern brutality with northern opportunity, the paper fostered and rode the epic migration.The paper even set a date, May 15, 1917, for a "Great Northern Drive." White efforts to keep the Defender out of the South only raised its standing among blacks.Newsstand sales and subscriptions were the newspaper's lifeblood.After distributing one hundred million pounds of food and supplies following last year’s summer storms and strong winds, Feeding America’s resources are significantly depleted. We encourage reading their privacy policy before providing personal information.