Obviously, this is the best of possible worlds because there's food on your table and a roof over your head, PLUS you get to spend all your time studying.

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Thesis directors to submit signed Report of Examining Committee form to the Registrar Office.

Master’s Non-Thesis Students: Final date to submit Certification of Master degree without Thesis form to the Office of the Registrar.

(At large research universities, there is also a hybrid case, where you work for a professor who gives a weekly lecture to, say, 150 students, and then you, along with five other teaching assistants, teach a "section" of maybe 25 students out of that 150, all under the supervision of the professor.) With teaching assistantships, an important factor you'll need to weigh is the teaching load.

Would you teach 2-2 (that is, two classes each semester)?

There is crucial information for your decision-making in all four sections.

Remember also that you will get different responses from the various grad schools to which you've applied — some will accept, some will reject, etc.) My colleague Dr.The Fall application deadline for many Graduate School programs is January 15, but some programs have earlier or different deadlines.If a deadline date falls on a weekend, the deadline becomes the next business day.Applicants should take exams (GRE, GRE Subject, TOEFL, IELTS) no later than November in order to have scores for Fall admissions deadlines.Application deadlines vary by program, so please directly contact your program of interest to confirm a specific application deadline date.Of course, the information is important, but even more important is the impression it creates with the director, and with the admissions committee if he/she shares the letter, that you are a serious, focused, self-directed person. do you think you can live that many years (maybe more) where the school is located?