When she passed away, I found a Punty and Diamond Point sugar shaker with a sterling silver top in a box of junk on her back porch.” Heisey trademarks aren’t always easily located.

If it’s not on the bottom, look inside and outside the edges, under and behind the foot, along stems, under the lip, in the border, or in the pattern itself.

Whether browsing through the company’s formative years or reading current descriptions, those adjectives continuously jump off the page. Heisey and Co.’s doors in Newark, Ohio, 112 years ago. words that may seem incongruous with “exquisite.” Not so.

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“Some people had the audacity to remove the stickers to use the glass,” exclaimed Files.

But household users weren’t the only ones taking off labels.

Dunbar describes this incredible competition where patterns so closely resembled one another, you were left wondering, “…

which one got the design patent first, and who may have made the subtle changes in the design, obtaining another patent for a similar pattern?

This piece features the diamond H trademark on the bottom, dating it back before the year 1968.

words you come across repeatedly in reference to Heisey glassware. Heisey took examples of pressed glassware to a trade show and garnered rave reviews. Expensive cut-lead crystal, so popular among wealthy Victorians, was unattainable by the middle class. According to Shirley Dunbar, author of Heisey was advertised as “utilitarian, decorative and designed for everyday use”…Soon Tom Files and his wife, Kathy, became big-time Heisey enthusiasts … This pattern, made only in crystal, is difficult to find in mint condition.He explained his affinity for this pattern, and more importantly, to one very special piece of his Punty & Diamond Point collection: “My mother was a hoarder.By 1937, those plain panels evolved into the fluted Colonial lines, which remained popular until Heisey went out of business in 1957.Heisey’s production glass types expanded to meet the public’s desires for what was popular at the time.Files suggests checking online for the out-of-print Vogels, which contain reproductions of most of Heisey sale catalogs.