Media outlets across the world, from the reputable to the less salubrious, gorged on the incumbent president’s age-dissimilar relationship, some with respect, others without.Macron even suggested that if the age gap were the other way round, it’d barely be newsworthy, and if it did get covered, people would see it as something positive.In search of an expert angle, we spoke to relationship doyen Susan Winter to unpick the complex interplay between society, mature women, and the reality of falling in love with a man who’s the junior party.

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Historically, older men were granted access to younger women because they could take care of them.

Maturity enabled older men to amass power and wealth, so this was seen as a clear-cut benefit to the younger mate.

The idea of an older woman dating a younger guy isn’t exactly a new revelation; it’s a dynamic that’s featured across multiple cultures for centuries gone by.

That said, older woman/younger man relationships have become increasingly visible in recent years, though that visibility hasn’t necessarily translated into a shift in societal norms.

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Debating the injustices felt by mature women who decide on dating a younger guy, at the social level, is an extremely important project.

So too is telling the stories of the men and women who’ve experienced these May-December relationships themselves.

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Even if you placed that same woman in designer clothes and a luxury car, anyone exhibiting predatory characteristics is unappealing.