Regardless, it was great fun last night to see and visit with a lot of old and good friends. The private room reserved for the event was closed by the restaurant management because the overhead fan fell out of the ceiling. Restaurant management reported that mishap occurred at 6pm, too late to get an electrician to fix it and too dangerous to allow guests into the room.

January 31, 2018 - There are updated lists of classmates for whom our database reports we have no mailing address or no valid e-mail address. We could only wish more of you could have been there to enjoy it as we did. If you weren't there, it is suggested you are missing out. It was the first back at a class dinner for one of them who spent quite a lot of time in the hospitial over the past couple of years. Despite my verse and link to the "Young Girls" song in the dinner announcement, none of our young girl classmates joined us.

We have a major reunion upcoming (the 50-year reunion). Classmates, we miss you when you don't visit with us. It was mentioned that a number of those women who used to attend class dinners now meet together on a regular basis and that results in a lack of attendance at our class dinners since they either have recently or will shortly be getting together on their own. Ourwas good, with a couple of faces we hadn't seen recently at the dinners.

If you have not received information about the reunion registration by mail or e-mail, let us know at [email protected], the East High Class of 1968 will gather to celebrate our friendship long ago and either lasting through or renewed on that date. Back when the montly dinners first started (first dinner was September, 2001), we did a lot more of that. She hasn't been to Memphis in 3 years, and she says she's probably only been back to the city less than a handful of times since moving west in the late 1970s.

If we have valid mailing or e-mail addresses for you, you should receive a post card and/or e-mail message with some details. Maybe we should get back to doing it again because it was both interesting and humorous. The "locals" seemed to be in good spirits and it was just a great visit among classmates.

One again, however, this was a fun event, so he decided to keep his mouth shut. The music was good and if the menu did not have the veriety or specialties of some of the other places we meet, it was good, at least my bacon, lettuce, tomoto sandwich on wheat bread was, and it was inexpensive. Best of all, of course, was the opportunity to visit with classmates.

April 25, 2002, a few former East students reunite and remember a departed classmate. Any member of the class is welcome to join us but probably would need to contact an one of the loyal dinner attendees who were showing up most every month.- The organizer was thinking of asking folks if we should try to continue the monthly class dinners with such a consistently poor turnout.

Photographs taken by the professional photographer, including the above, can be downloaded free in full resolution from id key photo is available here. This program was funded by anonymous donations from dinner attendees.

Class members with an established e-mail address on file may request the name list that goes with the photo by sending a request to [email protected] you have snapshots you took at the reunion you would like to share on these pages, please send them to [email protected] - [posted March 2, 2013] - The Class of '68 Reunion Committee plans two nights of festivities to celebrate our years of association and graduation from East High School. At the time of the suspension, the fund had .28.

The small core group of current attendees, who enjoy visiting with our fellow members of the Class of 1968, may meet informally periodically without announcement.

Given the lack of interest among a broader number of classmates, the monthly dinners, at least as now organized, are not likely to continue.

Information originated by the Reunion Committee may appear in other locations on this page and this web site without being requested by the Committee but it may be "unofficial." It is available courtesy of the editor of these pages who is a member of this class. To address the issue of poor turnout, it is thought that an anonomous on-line survey might give us an idea of what the problem is.