According to Tessina, there are some specific things to look for-- that have nothing to do with physical looks. A person who is balanced and thinks clearly about whatever needs to be done. A guy who has intelligence and works with you as a team-- and can deal with what life hands you as a couple. Affection: Affection is important to women, and often somewhat difficult for men.What to Look for in a Romantic Partner Related: Would You Marry a Guy Like Tim Tebow? If you know he has good judgment you can relax and trust him. The key is in his ability to be affectionate in a way that does not inevitably lead to sex.The virtual world can be fun indeed, but it has clear limitations -- the romantic relationships you make online must be brought into the real world in order to be fully rewarding.

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More than 40 percent of men try this tactic, confessing they wanted to make their job sound more prestigious.

But wait, one third of women do this too, saying they wanted to make their job sound more glamorous. Americans lie more than Britons, by 9 percentage points.

Unless you are happy living in cyber space indefinitely, your misrepresentations will no doubt come back to haunt you.

You will miss or sabotage real opportunities at happiness with people you meet online.

While sex is important, and both of you deserve to have your sexual needs met, a man who pouts if affection doesn't lead to sex is emotionally immature. This is incredibly important, because financial irresponsibility, whether on the part of the woman or the man, will create life-long stress and deprivation.

Two grown-up partners, who can manage their money well, will be able to create the life they want, support their children, prepare for the future, and have some left over for fun.

Men admitted to lying about height, weight and physique in their top five lies -- behind jobs and ahead of money -- and women lied about weight, age, physique, and height, with money rounding out the top five. Most of these are lies their dates can spot in the first few seconds of seeing them.

In fact, a third of those surveyed said they falsified their information so much that it prevented them from getting a second date.

Looks may get your attention initially, but in a loving relationship, it soon fades and is replaced by love, caring and respect,” assures Tessina.