They strive for the best in their careers, and they believe they deserve the best in relationships, too. The vast majority of independent and powerful women are tremendously educated. She wants meaningful conversations on real subjects that matter. Being independent has nothing to do with a burning desire for a woman to fight for power in a relationship.

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Both parties need to be clear about what they want in a partner from the start. She wants to spend time with those that are close to her.

Just because she's dominant in the workplace doesn't mean she has to be dominant at home. Successful women often do not want to settle in their relationships, just like they have not settled in their careers. But they still want to spend time with a partner, and that can mean living with them.

Having boundaries means enjoying a balance of giving of yourself and receiving from him. It’s wonderful to spend lots of quality time together, but it’s also necessary to spend time apart.

You are both free to socialize with family and friends as individuals and to pursue personal interests without having to get permission to do so.

He does not want to waste your time or emotions for self-gratification. Your man will appreciate your transparency because he wants to connect with you intellectually, emotionally, and perhaps spiritually.

A man of integrity respects your power and independence and builds up your self-esteem. Communicate clearly and honestly who you are and what you want in a relationship. Date him until you have an absolute "no" versus a "yes", he’s the one. A man needs to feel he’s earned your time and attention.

Being your own person isn't a threat; it actually encourages the balance between separateness and togetherness.

Having physical boundaries means taking your time and not doing anything you’re not ready for.

Successful women might be a bit intimidating, but they also want to be appreciated and respected by their partners.