Montreal has a population of 1,649,519 making it the biggest city in Quebec. Montreal is the largest city in Quebec with a population of 1.6 million people (3.4 million in the whole urban area), and is one of the most diverse cities in North America with an intriguing blend of English and French Canadian.

Dated retreat events are listed first, then undated.

If you ever want to make people from Hamilton cringe, try calling their city “Toronto’s Brooklyn.” As high housing prices push artists, musicians and your roommate to the next-biggest urban alternative, some Hamilton natives have become uncomfortable with the two cities’ increasingly interdependent fates.

It can happen at the snap of a finger.” But for long-time Hamiltonians like Tedesco, the question is: who’s snapping that finger?

“For many local residents, [focusing on the money to be made here] potentially further isolates them and reinforces the message that some are more welcome than others in the ‘new Hamilton,’” he argues.

That’s what makes the May 31 and June 1 Hamilton Consulate event at Queen Street’s Burroughes Building such a bold and controversial move. “You just have to be a realist and accept what is looking you square in the face. It just is.” “What we’re finding is there’s still an awareness issue for Hamilton in terms of what it is and what state its economy is in,” says Glen Norton, Hamilton’s head of economic development, whose office is behind the Consulate event.

Billed as “an official delegation from Canada’s biggest urban comeback story,” the two-day pop-up features talks, diplomatic exchanges, a clothing market, live music and “speed dating” – all designed to sell Torontonians on the idea of Hamilton as the next big city in tech, fashion and real estate. “There are a lot of old stereotypes.” Item number one on that agenda is the city’s nickname, Steeltown.

It’s home to Supercrawl, a giant free music and art festival that’s improved every year to the point that word inevitably spread to Toronto.

This year, the street festival will announce its lineup in Toronto instead of Hamilton as part of the Consulate event – a move that has some local music fans saying “hmmm.” Dave Kuruc, who’s watched development over the last 12 years from his art shop, Mixed Media, wonders if courting Torontonians will diminish Hamilton’s gritty spirit.

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So in the case of Hamilton, people who’ve lived there a long time may want Hamilton to stay the way it is – a dying city.