After the war, the retired, and now legendary, partisan became the author of several books including It Happened Near Rovno.(1948) His memoirs were dedicated to the story of his war-time partner - Soviet intelligence agent Nikolai Kuznetsov.

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Medvedev's personal initiative was to organize a secret hiding place for 160 rescued Jewish women, children and elderly saved from Jewish ghettos, after the Red Army entered Western Ukraine in the spring of 1944 the Medvedev underground units became part of the regular army.

On November 5, 1944 Medvedev was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union title and the Gold Star medal.

In 1936 Dmitry Medvedev was sent as a NKVD intelligence agent abroad; in 1938 he returned to the Soviet Union and was appointed the head of the NKVD department of Norillag, a GULAG labor camp in Norilsk.

Few months later Medvedev was fired from NKVD officially for "unjustified closures of criminal investigations" against political prisoners of the GULAG.

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