You can imagine how differently the Hebrew authors of the Old Testament saw the world three thousand years ago!

There are many excellent translations of God’s Word that grace our shelves.

In fact 88 percent of households own an average of nearly five Bibles! The reason is simple: God wants His message of love to be received in every culture, every community, and every language.

About every hundred years or so the vocabulary of people undergoes a dramatic change.

Over time the words change from one generation to the next.

Meaning is influenced by culture, background, and many other details.

TPT is a balanced translation that tries to hold both the essence of Scripture’s literal meaning and original message in proper tension, resulting in an expansive, fresh, fiery translation of God’s Word.

is to re-introduce the passion and fire of the Bible to the English reader.

There is a language of the heart that must express the passion of this love-theology.

That’s why Bible translations give us the words God spoke through his servants, but words can become very poor containers for revelation—they leak!

While Brian serves as the lead translator for , every book (including the numerous footnotes) is evaluated by respected scholars and editors.