The public ministry is "satisfied" with the number of weapons collected.

Small wonder: that's more than the total they thought there were! Seems the Taams clinic will not be auctioned off, after all. They confidently predict, even if one department is more optimistic than the other one; even VBC entrepreneurs' club thinks so.

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120 people will be hired, total cost 2.1 million guilders. If they succeed, it will be back to its Why The Secrecy? Esseboom is kvetsching about the CAO, which was negotiated by himself, not by the previous owners. For more than a year, many extra managers were hired who only cost and didn't earn money.

Should all be ready by February 27 (when the rainy season is over anyway and the bugs have stopped breeding). Garbage utility Selikor complains that, while it was the best tenderer, DOW public works awarded a project to somebody else. They don't mention to whom, which is okay; but why not tell us what the project is? Big Brother's Broadcasting Station As from January, the government will own all shares of Telecuraçao. Some medical/technical people were hired as Taams has been trying to be properly accredited with Holland. The cardio-pulminary staff are for Esseboom's own practice.

Most Complants Are No Complaints The disciplinary Board has decided that there are no disciplinary consequences for the Three Stooges because of their statements against the dean of lawyers and a court judge.

But Peppi Sulvaran's allegations that Central Bank director Tromp is guilty of the Helmin Wiels murder was not substantiated by facts, for which he has been reprimanded.

But let's face it, this has gone much too far to be stopped now. It may well result in other people getting problems because of your actions. According to GGD public health official Gerstenbluth we now have 20,000 patients—1 in 7. What didn't change is that more and more people get it every year; it's a popular trend.

Not Agreeable Green Force, who had my albeit grudging support until now, definitely goes too far when they want all solar panel owners to switch off at the same time, just to teach Aqualectra utility a lesson. parliament meeting on chikungunya was cancelled because only five of the twenty-one members showed up. It's even worse than AIDS, and you don't have to do a thing to get it. Hopeless Just a few days after a terrain was cleaned up in the action against the tiger mosquito, trash has been dumped there again. So yes, many people seem to be underdeveloped—at least in the brain section.But as usual, "they" (up there) are concerned about the effects on tourism. But Orco Bank has decided, after announcing the auctioning of Taams clinic buildings, that the inventory will also be sold.I don't care a fart about tourism—I'm concerned about Unavoidable Tourists have started annulling their travels to Curaçao because of the chicungunya epidemic. Of course they would, and it's high season too; and don't forget carnaval. Leaves very little chance for 'em to continue, even as an annex of the Hospital; let alone on their own.While I certainly wouldn't mind to see this happen, I'm even more convinced it won't. Great for Tourism The chikungunya epidemic is causing worries for tourists. "Efficiency must be improved and personnel costs down." Hear, hear.Every day several cases arrive in Holland in Holland, who have been infected here. There are also strong rumors that UTS telecommunications is in trouble, just like ADC I've Given Up Tried to keep count of the numbers of armed assaults, but the information is just not forthcoming. [loosely, any not-built-up area] and minister Whiteman just seems to have found out.MFK Thodé has one good question: we are told that we'll all have to pay less taxes in the coming years, but the government counts on receiving more. Maybe the world is coming to its senses and even politicians are getting it: there's no free energy lunch. The public ministry doesn't keep good track of fines, paid and unpaid.