Case in point, Troy, whose bio reads: “I am considerate, I open doors, and I am a good dad.

I am also a very sexual person and I would like to have some fun and explore some fantasies.

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The thirst levels can only be described as desperate. We have two kids under five and that’s mostly why I stay in the marriage. I firmly believe it takes two to cheat, even if one person assumes a passive role.

The attention isn’t just overwhelming, it’s depressing. I read hundreds of bios that said things like, “Tired of feeling like a roommate. Not sure what to expect here, but looking for the spice that has long since left.”But after a week, what little faith I have left in a man’s ability to be faithful is slipping away.

My journey into the underbelly of infidelity starts when a friend of mine — let’s call her “Kelly” — split from her husband. A pastor and father of two even killed himself after it was revealed that he was on the site.

She decided after 20 years of being in “prison” that she needed to make up for lost time.“So I’ve been on Ashley Madison,” she confesses to me one day over coffee.“That place still exists? The last I’d heard about Ashley Madison, the controversial website that facilitates affairs — or as they adorably refer to it, “the premier destination for married dating” — was back in 2015 when it was hacked and the names and personal information of millions of subscribers were released online. But as modern life moves faster, our attention span grows shorter.

“I was really nervous,” Kelly says, “but he held my hand in the elevator.

I thought that was so sweet.” They “did it” and ended up hanging out and chatting, “like a slumber party.”According to Paul Keable, Vice President of Communications for Ruby Corp., Ashley Madison’s parent company, “Ashley Madison has more than 54 million member accounts since we launched in 2002.

I am very talented in bed and I am a really good kisser.

I absolutely love to show that off because I didn’t get much opportunity in my marriage.”Guys like Troy mainly seem to be trying to avoid relationships and the shame of being spotted by mutual friends of their ex on Tinder and Bumble.

They usually fall into one of three types: No matter their archetype, though, the single men of Ashley Madison aren’t looking for love or affection.

They aren’t in sexless marriages with wives who emasculate them. That said, of all the men I interact with on Ashley Madison, the Recently Divorced are definitely the most respectful.

The collateral damage from the security breach was messy and far-reaching. 2015 feels like decades ago, and it appears all has been forgiven — or at the very least, forgotten.“It’s a happening place,” Kelly insists.