It is bordered to the north by Georgia; on the west by Leon and Wakulla Counties; on the east by Taylor and Madison Counties; and to the south by the Gulf of Mexico.

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Jefferson County is located in the heart of "the other Florida," the Florida of rolling hills and stately oaks draped in wispy Spanish moss.

Nearby Tallahassee is home to two of the state's major universities, which offer top-ranked competition in a number of sports.

The Florida State University "Seminoles" and the Florida A&M "Rattlers" annually field some of the nation's top-ranked teams in football, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, track and field and other sports for both men and women.

One of these, the lovely Wacissa River, has been designated as a state canoe trail by the Florida Department of Natural Resources.

Flowing from Wacissa Springs in the southern part of the county, the river meanders its way through mile after mile of unspoiled countryside, finally joining the Aucilla and St. This is the point, at the southern tip of the county, where you'll find the St.

Coexisting side-by-side with the mini-farms are horse farms, large private hunting preserves, and large-acreage nursery, beef, dairy and crop farms.

Majestic plantations grace our area as well, such as the 8100-acre Avalon Plantation owned by media and sports magnate Ted Turner of Atlanta, which further attests to the beauty and serenity of our county.

Jefferson County Kennel Club, has been a community favorite for decades.

Greyhound racing has been enjoyed by many; however it is idel at this time.

Monticello, the county's seat of government, is just miles east of Florida's capital city of Tallahassee, and is fast becoming one of that thriving city's favorite "bedroom communities." In contrast to the more familiar southern peninsula of Florida, our area experiences four distinct seasons.