Initially, I didn't ask too many questions about his past relationship, and assumed that they broke up due to the distance. We went out every weekend and after about a month, we had completely fallen for each other.

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I need some advice on how to cope with something that is causing me some sorrow.

In May of 2010, I met a Catholic man (John) a first cousin of one of my best friends.

If I were in your shoes, I could happily forgive the latter, but not as sure if I could forgive the former.

So to me, the crux of the matter is, does your boyfriend realize that his actions were sinful not just against his “future wife” (not to mention his own body, and God), but against the ex-girlfriend too?

Or does he believe he didn’t do anything wrong to her because she wanted it too?

If he has that idea, that “good girls” deserve respect but “bad girls” don’t, then I’d wonder if that’s what he’d be teaching his own son, that if a “good girl” asks you to wait 'till marriage you should respect her, but it’s fine to use “bad girls” for sexual pleasure.It isn't that I am jealous of his more that I love John and his soul so much, that it makes me sick at heart to know that such a sin touched him for so long. John's view on sex has changed radically since we have been dating, greatly due to the fact that (on his own) he has been reading Catholic literature regarding it and is completely committed to doing the right thing. We both take our chastity very seriously, and he has bent over backwards to keep our relationship chaste in every respect.And yet, to know his old habits and views still hurts. I don't want them to cause problems for our relationship, while dating, engaged or married.Also, unlike some Protestant denominations, the Catholic Church’s concept of sexuality goes far beyond “don’t do it before marriage because God said so”.Does your boyfriend agree with Catholic teaching on chastity marriage…no contraception, no porn, no lusting after your spouse?I am a completely different person than I was then. Now let’s move on to the future.” You love your boyfriend. Jesus has forgiven him, and your boyfriend practices his Catholic faith! Ask Jesus to take away your feelings of sorrow about your boyfriend’s past.