(Reminds me that my dad always noted that his stops at the state liquor store in Oregon were needed to get his "medicine"!

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Condition is very good to excellent (aka close to mint) with some light wear and scuffing in a few places (largely on the back) but no chips, cracks or other post-manufacturing damage.

Thomas's book lists the mid-range value of these at a seemingly high $2500; this very nice example is offered for significantly less.

To help properly describe the bottles on this list or for the people who found this page and have some basic questions about antique bottles, I have another web page that is a glossary of some major antique bottle descriptive terms.

It is found at the following link - Bottle Description & Condition Glossary.

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This flask came from the central Oregon coast so that helps confirm its origin more.

Side by side with the pint above, they are almost identical in size and design sans embossing.

I try to be as comprehensive as possible in describing bottle condition but am not perfect (thus the money back guarantee).

Many of the "flaws" or condition issues that I point out are often overlooked by others.

5 Western Knife-edge Union Oval liquor flask - Here is a really nice, albeit unembossed, knife edge pint "union oval" style flask almost certainly made at the in the later 1870s to very early 1880 .