She commissioned Aynsley China to produce a set of ornate tableware for her personal use.

Having a commission from Her Majesty The Queen allowed Aynsley China to use the royal family seal in its logo, affirming the company's reputation, and a place in dinnerware history.

Aynsley China in Stoke-on-Trent had been making a four-piece set marked with the date 8 April.

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The royal wedding was moved to 9 April so that Prince Charles can attend the Pope's funeral in Rome.

Aynsley China's managing director, Gavin Williamson, told BBC News the number of orders placed since the change of wedding date was announced has been "phenomenal".

Manufacturer: Aynsley Date: 1934 Pretty Scala teacup with unusual pheasant motif and yellow fancy decoration and gilt accents.

The piece dates from early 1900's with the backstamp being used until 1910.

But yesterday, even as the chief executives of Wedgwood and Aynsley China surveyed what they assumed to be their now redundant stock, the calls began to come in.

Souvenir collectors, explained Gavin Williamson, the managing director of Aynsley China, are unlike other human beings: they like a story.

"Five hundred new orders were placed in the last few hours of yesterday (Monday) and I understand there are going to be a few more", he said.

"My sales reps have told me that people are desperate to get the product and we have been completely sold out.

Delightful Aynsley, covered throughout with small roses.

This tea set includes six teacup trios, milk jug, sugar bowl, serving plate and a small teapot.

Although not especially old, it is wonderfully traditional, and very serviceable for everyday use. Manufacturer: Aynsley Date: 1980's Gorgeous set of six teacups, saucers and tea plates with a pattern of big bloomy roses and delicate golden gilt edging.