Effective therapies include various forms of cognitive-behavioral techniques, such as exposure therapy, CBT, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

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If we’ve suffered in the past, particularly in childhood, we can have anxiety about experiencing it in the future. If we have an emotionally or physically abusive partner, we’re liable to be “walking on eggshells,” anxious about displeasing him or her.

This reaction is typical when living with a practicing addict, narcissist, or someone bipolar or with a borderline disorder.

Whereas drugs provide fast relief, the effect is mostly analgesic.

Healing shame and freeing the true self provide long lasting reduction of anxiety by allowing us to be authentic and not worry about others’ opinion of us.

In contrast, fear is an emotional and physical reaction to a present, known threat.

Anxiety is typically characterized by obsessive worry and an inability to concentrate that may affect our sleep.

The state of hypervigilance becomes so constant, we can take it for granted.

Anxiety and accompanying depression are characteristic of codependents. Psychotherapy empowers patients to reduce anxiety by changing beliefs, thoughts, and behavior throughout their lives without the side-effects of prescription drugs.

Worry about our performance on the job, an exam, or speaking before a group is apprehension about how we’ll be evaluated or judged.