And from behind him, he heard, "Potter, move along.

It was early morning, and Tracey had arrived later than she had expected. Dumbledore went to check on him at his Muggles' house, and he wasn't there!

They were currently in Daphne's room, with Jesse back in her usual spot. Daphne was drinking some tea and Tracey was sitting next to her, staring open-mouthed at said girl. Tracey continued, "It happened during early August.

Her parents were distracted, looking around them, trying to find some help."Hey. Entering into his first year, Harry was very lucky that Molly Weasley was not aware of that particular Clause in the Statute, otherwise Harry might never had made it onto the Express. "Thank God there's a wizard here -" The man said, exasperated, but Harry quickly put a finger to his own lips."Statute of Secrecy.

We can't talk that loudly, or the other Muggles might here." Harry said in a quiet tone, and the man shut his mouth, quickly.

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I mean, you did plenty of research on the Ravenclaw you dated. ""Terry Boot, but it didn't work out, since he was a wimp when it came to asking me out to Hogsmeade. But whenever we'd go to Hogsmeade, he'd just go hang out with his friends and leave me." Tracey responded. Next was -Harry was wrenched from his thoughts once again when he heard the words, "Platform 9¾,"Looking in the direction of the sound, he found a little, nervous family of three; a mother, father, and a little eleven year old with a large trolley in front of her. This youngster was obviously Muggle-born, and was just as lost and confused as Harry had been on his first time. Harry felt the urge to smirk, but held it in."I can show you how to get onto the Platform, if you like." Harry said, and the kid nodded again, a smile of relief forming on her features.