To start, a guy who talks only about himself and his own interests is an immediate turn-off.

Life Tips is the place to go when you need to know about Date tips and hundreds of other topics. And last but certainly not least, don't talk about other girls or past girlfriends with a girl you've just met. The first step to being a great conversationalist is to be an even better listener.

A first kiss is very special; you remember it rest of your life. That edict is even more true when it comes to teenage girls. Teenage girls are some of the best communicators in life.

Dating during the teen years, while exciting, can also be a little scary.

Many teenagers want to begin dating but they are uncomfortable with the idea of dating one-on-one.

They will be the funniest lessons you have ever had!

(Ask for extra credit, too...) If you like a girl and want to make a good impression, don't quote poems or song lyrics or someone else's lines. If you're really nervous at the thought of talking to a girl you like, practice a few lines to get started..then let the conversation flow from there by truly listening to what she, sports, what you did this summer, what he did this summer, your friends, his friends, movies, etc). You could even talk to your boyfriend about your problem; together you might figure out the solution!There is a lot of pressure on teenagers in our society to have sex; as a result, many decide go ahead and to take the plunge.Get to know her before you ask her out so that you don't scare her away.There's an old adage that says, "Good things come to those who wait." That doesn't necessarily apply to asking out girls on dates.The mystery of the female species is not easily solved..there are a few clues that can make solving the mystery more fun. Perhaps even choose a restaurant or an activity for your first date based on something that she has told you in conversation. Secondly, manners did not go out when equality came in. If you feel pressured to say the right thing, you probably won't.