However, as Golden State continues to thrive, especially after swapping Harrison Barnes for Kevin Durant, a new archetype is giving hope to other NBA franchises that they may be able to figure out a similar formula.

actress and comedienne Tiffany Haddish underwent many hardships, says she suffered abuse by her mother and now-ex-husband and was molested in foster care.

And he never tried nothing else with me, not even once.

It was just like—in my mind—he was helping me out."4.

Illiterate Until High School: Haddish writes that she "straight up could not read or write" and had a first or second grade reading level until the ninth grade, where she took AP classes regardless.

She said she would get people to read things to her and was able to "game school" because the rules were "bulls--t." She said school kids and her mother, step-father and grandmother called her stupid.

When the Warriors popularized their modern iteration of small ball during the 2015 NBA Finals, they did so by playing big despite going small thanks to Draymond Green.

The 6-7 poster child for second-round steals in the NBA Draft allowed the Warriors to reap the rewards of a five-out offense without sacrificing much defensively despite his short stature.

There’s a terseness and refinement to the geometric works.

They’re limited in colour, relying on neutral tones paired with contrast for their power, yet the energy and richness remains thanks to the dynamic relationships the artist creates between forms.

He snatched me by the neck and slammed me into the wall."She said things got bad between them that at one point, she went to a police station, which was closed, then called the police and said, 'Ya'll need to lock me up, because I'm about to kill my husband.' She said officers came out and saw the bruises, cuts and scrapes on her body and called an ambulance for her. She said she also felt terrible about the idea of having an abortion, "like I was going to go to hell for this" but ultimately felt she would "rather go to hell and die without a baby on Earth, suffering, than have a baby here on Earth that suffered."She got an abortion and after she woke up from the procedure, she said she jumped out of the bed and started to dance."I'm free!! The ex had filmed a sex tape with the girl he cheated on her with.