In short, when she needs a meal or some companionship or whatever is convenient for her needs....will pay attention. Seems like she has a pretty good arrangement focused entirely upon you giving her what she wants whenever she wants it and can then put you back on the shelf until needed again.

She seems very even-keeled and has lots of friends. Tell her you like her and want an official relationship, but you want to know why she's so hard to reach. Honestly, I think it sounds like she has another dude. Other than that, the first thing that comes to my mind is that there is someone else and if plans fall through with that person, she hangs out with you.

She's a very attractive girl and has a lot going for her. They can't handle any stress, have repressed anger, and are very passive-aggressive at unhealthier levels. Are you sure she's not living with someone else or something like that? She sounds like she has to do a lot of maneuvering just to meet up with you. This isn't necessarily what's going on, but just a thought.

I was told by a friend the old saying "Maybe she's just not into you". So there has to be something she likes about me right?

The Passive-Aggressive disorder might explain some of her behavior, but I'm not sure.

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But honestly, I'm starting to become disturbed with these patterns of behavior. I'm beginning to wonder if she's just using me for dates and sex. I was thinking of asking her to be in a relationship, but am having major hesitation now seeing these patterns continue.

I need to be able to communicate with the person I'm seeing.

When I try to set up a date, she usually agrees and follows through. She takes forever to respond between texts and is very indecisive when given choices.