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I originally thought it was depression, but a few years ago realised that anxiety was the root cause.

I want to talk to my therapist but I'm embarrassed to mention it .

One time she got upset in the car and screamed very loud at the back while i was driving.

Once I was free from the shackles of religion and its rules I acted immoral and unethical.

Just in case the mail is slow I know he'll have something new from me every day!

"—militarygals Cute and Cuddly for Him "Once, I sent my oldest teddy bear with a note saying 'It's for the lonely times. '"—txmom3071A letter for every situation "I include letters in separate envelopes.

My entire 18 years on this planet has been me just enduring life.

First off I don't even feel I deserve to feel this depressed and crazy considering there are people doing much worse, I have a feeling I am amplifying my problems and being irrational but that's a later point.

I haven't had a formal diagnosis but it's been suggested that it's social anxiety and generalised anxiety.

My baby sister who is in her mid 20s, lately when she gets upset she starts screaming (AAAAAAAAAAAAA) very long and loud..

I feel like Im rebelling against my religious upbringing.