Danny did not suspect they might push him too far one day.(TV: Into the Dalek, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon) He was a sergeant and served five years in both the UK and Afghanistan, (TV: The Caretaker) where he performed a number of humanitarian tasks, such as building wells, alongside traditional military work.He instead would only recall a dream where he was "Dan the soldier man".

" (TV: Time Heist) Clara, however, continued to have adventures with the Doctor, (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) which led to him being puzzled at Clara's occasional discombobulation, including one incident where he found her wearing a space helmet for some reason.

(TV: The Caretaker) Afterwards the Twelfth Doctor re-met Danny Pink as an adult, insisting that he was a PE teacher even after Danny said he was a maths teacher.

(TV: Kill the Moon) Following his exit from the army, Danny became distressed when mention was made of him having killed while a soldier.

(TV: Into the Dalek) Despite leaving the army, he established the Coal Hill Cadet Squad when he began working as a teacher at Coal Hill School.

The three of them turned their backs so the creature could leave unseen.

After it departed, Clara attempted to put the child at ease by placing toy soldiers to guard under his bed.

One night, he had a nightmare of someone under the bed grabbing his ankle, and he met the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald for the first time.

They encountered a figure which the Doctor believed might be a creature that hid under the bed.

(TV: Listen) While on a mission in the Middle East, Danny accidentally shot and killed a young boy.