The “borrowed” part is tricky, as you cannot borrow a thing just from anyone. Then they spread it across the hallway, and the groom has to pay them to pass. In Czech, it takes place at the very end of the party. They bless the couple and contribute to their financial well-being.At the end of the wedding party (if it takes place at the newlywed couple’s house) all the guests get armed with pots and lids. This is the one you certainly need to know about beforehand.

They dance and jump around the house and clasp the lids on the pots. This way they try to cast out all the evil or ghosts from the house. When the groom enters the house, they offer him to take either the bottle or the axe.

If he picks the bottle, it means he would be a lazy husband and a poor worker, but a good drinker.

Prague and the Czech Republic are beautiful places to get married in.

There are plenty of fairytale castles here, and most of them offer weddings!

Getting a marriage licence You must take the papers mentioned below to a “matrika” office in the Czech Republic.

In order to obtain the Certificate of No Impediment you must post your intention to marry for at least 21 days at your local registry office in the UK.Please check with your wedding planner in resort or the relevant embassy of the country in which you intend to marry for up to date details before you marry.Yes, he was talking about the general universal definition of marriage, but there is some truth in it to apply to our story.Some of these things are fun, and others are quite meaningful, too.Now, some traditions are Christian, since the country’s main religion is Christianity. If the wedding is done in the rural area or you have just a few guests coming, the groom and some of his best friends should pay them a personal visit and ask them out. You can also do it with your guests of honor – invite them personally, and send invitations via mail to the rest of guests.This psychological love test should show how compatible you are with your partner in various areas.