Outlook 2010 32bit, Windows 64bit Use this sample registry file to add the Outlook 2007 32-bit/Windows 64-bit keys to the registry. Outlook 2007 32bit, Windows 64bit If Windows and Outlook both have the same bitness, you'll use these keys. After adding the keys, you'll need to restart Outlook.

This was fixed in the July 27 2017 update but "broken" again by the September 12 2017 update.

The cause of problems with the September 12 2017 update is intentional: Microsoft disabled custom form script functionality.

You'll need to change the registry path if you aren't using Outlook 2016 32-bit on Windows 64-bit.

This will write all message class EXCEPT the default message class to the text file, including all of the messages classes used for NDRs, meeting responses, etc. I added an If statement to remove some of these default form types but may have missed a few.

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Nowadays having an online presence through website is no longer sufficient, as online activity ... where table_name like '#My Temp Table%'select * from columns where object_id = object_id('tempdb..#mytempt... This query will bring back the last user update to every table in the database you're connected [dbname]go SELECT last_user_update, FROM sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats us JOIN sys.tables t ON ...

You'll need to add the Message Class field to the view, while in-cell editing is turned on by default with list views, except for Mail folders.

The following macro will write the custom form names in the selected folder to a text file (in your documents folder) then check for duplicates and save a cleaned copy as a file. Message Class str Default Class Then ' check for other message classes outlook uses ' there may be more If Cur Item.

If you don't need an entirely new custom field, you can also simply rename existing fields to customize them.

If a field in your project captures the right data, but a different title would more accurately describe what's being captured, you can simply rename the field.

You can use this sample registry file to add the Outlook 2016 32-bit/Windows 64-bit keys to the registry.