We got along great." Adrian opened the door to the building we were seeking.

I like the guy, but he's scary.” ― Richelle Mead, “Ten Things You Shouldn't Say on a Date.1.

Read More 30,000 employees were surveyed about their own companies and stand-outs in their industry. Read More Ex Libris, a Pro Quest company, is pleased to announce Macquarie University has joined an increasing number of institutions in Australia that have opted for the campus M mobile solution.…

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Monica Burns to publish this educational resource for teachers.

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Exploring military history through the poignant history of dogs in the armed services since WWI.

Read More Party like a researcher and explore the life, works and legacy of the creator of Sherlock Holmes.Get Started Pro Quest provides its customers with unified, regionally-based customer experience teams, dedicated to meeting all of your service, support, and training needs across all Pro Quest products and technologies.Get Started Join Pro Quest as a strategic partner in serving the thousands of institutions, organizations, researchers, and scholars worldwide who trust us for authoritative content, critical discovery layers, and vital management tools.Specific features in Clinical Key and Access Medicine will also be explored.During each quarterly event, a distinguished Drexel professor will address this year’s theme by reflecting on how the dissemination of research through publication is critical to the development of knowledge in a particular field.This session will detail how to formulate a clinical question and discuss levels of evidence.