You may need to do some poking around online to find out if your webcam is compatible with the Raspberry Pi (keep in mind that you only need the mic, and don't care about video).

This wiki has an extensive list of verified peripherals.

Scott served in the US Air Force for four years as an electrician on the U2 spy plane.

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Cost of updating electrical outlets video

The end result is voice-activated control of up to three electrical outlets using the Raspberry Pi.

Here's a video of the final product in action (read on for a detailed parts list, circuit diagram, and code): A couple notes before you begin.

Also, while my previous Instructable was written to be super beginner friendly, this one is a little more advanced so it skips over a lot of the introductory material.

I refer back to the single-channel version several times, instead of duplicating the content here. Of course, if you know what you're doing you can make substitutes as needed, or shop around for cheaper suppliers. Materials & Tools Cost The cost of this project depends heavily on what you already have lying around.

In her previous life, Lisa was a computer engineer and program manager at Hewlett Packard for nine years.

Lisa also has her Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management (BSIS) with an emphasis in technology/e Business from the University of San Francisco.

This step will assume you already have basic knowledge of how a single-channel remote works.

You can find a detailed explanation of that in my previous Instructable.

He also had a natural entrepreneurial spirit since childhood, selling candy bars at school and ornaments to his neighbors, and even installing stereos.