The fourth season of Idol premiered in January 2005 and continued until May; here he is seen at the reunion in April Constantine was the sixth-place finalist on the fourth season of American Idol.

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So, Angel locked herself up in a room and called the cops while Constantine fled the scene.

Caption: Constantine Maroulis arrived at court on assault charges in 2015 But it seems as though Angel would not have the last laugh in this war.

They have not reveled yet that they are going to marry but from the internal source it is claimed that he wants to make her wife soon. In the fall of 2005, Maroulis was in negotiations to star in a television sitcom called Brooklyn that was to be loosely based on his upbringing as the youngest of three in a large Greek-American family of New York.

In November and December 2005, he performed his solo shows in various parts of the world.

People think you have a baby and start a family; it is simple from then, but it is more complex than that. What happened between him and his former girlfriend after their daughter? In March 2011, it seemed like the couple couldn’t be any happier with the birth of their daughter 3 months ago.

Constantine had opened up to people about naming his daughter Malena James Reed-Maroulis.

He has had a relationship with a lot of people after Angel.

He has dated a singer, Debbie Gibson, and model Cynthia Kirchner.

He is also rumored to have dated model, Kristen Zang.