I was sickened to read Hillary’s concession speech—a speech that can only possibly mean she never meant what she said before, about how “a man you can bait with a tweet must never be trusted with nuclear weapons”—and then to watch President Obama holding a lovey-dovey press conference with Trump in the White House.President Obama is a wiser man than I am, and I’m sure he had excellent utilitarian reasons to do what he did (like trying to salvage parts of the Affordable Care Act). Bookseller: Better World Books Ltd, London: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2000.

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She then clearly explains why the United States is now headed for the kind of society Russians are intimately familiar with, and she shares the following rules for surviving an autocracy: In the comments of my last post, an international student posted a heartbreaking question: Should I think about Canada now before [it’s] too late?

As I said before, I have no doubt that many talented students will respond to America’s self-inflicted catastrophe by choosing to study in Canada, the EU, or elsewhere. At the same time, even in the darkest hour, human affairs are never completely exempt from the laws of supply and demand.

It’s what his victory reveals about the fragility of our democracy. He spreads lies and conspiracy theories (birtherism, rigged elections) that damage the long-term credibility of the political process, just for his own short-sighted gain.

He’s ruined [EDIT: tried to ruin] journalists’ careers for criticizing him, and bragged about it.

But still, I couldn’t help but imagine the speech would’ve given, had I been in Obama’s shoes: Trump, and the movement he represents, never accepted me as a legitimate president, even though I won two elections by a much greater margin than he did.

Now, like the petulant child he is, he demands that we accept as a legitimate president. I urge my supporters to obey the law, and to eschew violence.

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It explores the turbulent features of Korean democracy in its first decade, assesses the progress that has been made, and identifies the key obstacles to effective democratic governance." Bookseller: The Old Print House, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2000. , 550grams, ISBN:1555878482 Bookseller: Anybook Ltd, U.

~~~~ EDIT: Predictably, some people are interpreting my point as: Trump supporters are stupid and/or evil, Clinton supporters are not. My point is that humans IN GENERAL are bad at reasoning and seeing through bullshit, which caused particularly bad consequences this time via Trump fans, who made a choice that (if the human brain were better at reasoning) they would have realized was net bad for their overall goals, which presumably include avoiding nuclear war.