Even Trump's Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson, a man who dedicated his life to destroying our planet with fossil fuels for his own personal benefit) is against this move. Regardless of what these people will admit in public, they all know the truth of climate change and what a deep precipice we stand before.

The Paris Accord was no where near enough but it was a start.

California Assembly speaker, Anthony Rendon refused to allow the bill to come to a floor vote, after it had passed the California senate with a healthy majority.

In addition, we will equally give a concise account of his life. He grew up in the care of his parents; Julia Mendelson, a vocal coach and classical pianist and Collin Paolo, a writer and screenwriter.

The actor who is of Jewish descent became active in the acting scene in 2002 but his first major movie appearance was in 2003 Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-nominated as Travis O’Connell, a recruiting character.

In 2008, he furthered his education, attending New York University for one semester.

His career grew to another level when he landed a role in the hit teen series as the little brother of Blake Lively.

He was cast as Eric van der Woodsen the brother of socialite Serena Van der Woodsen on the show when it was launched in 2007.

On the show, the New York-bred actor starred in many episodes and had many leading storylines including Eric’s suicide attempt and him coming out as gay.

#noonc #resist #peace #impeachtrump A post shared by Connor Paolo (@connorpaolo) on After this, the 26 years-old actresses, Connor contributed the gay role of Eric Van Der Woodsen, the gay brother of Serena Van Der on ‘Gossip Girl‘.

As he played the roles of gays in more than at one series, people speculated him as a gay in real life as well. Plato once spoke of the two forces required to lead a democracy into a dictatorship.

Today we are discussing the personal life of Connor Paolo, who is also going through the same problem.