At this point, you may notice her drop to her knees and open your belt with her teeth while helping you out of your pants.And And now you're going to get to enjoy the view as she lifts her hips in the air while you slide her out of her panties and you both prepare for the real fun to begin.

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Completely free sexual mastery video

You see, an orgasm is nothing more than an involuntary contraction of the genital muscles.

In order to make those muscles contract involuntarily, you need to stimulate her nerve endings so that more blood rushes to her erogenous zones which creates small electrical pulses that force her muscles to contract in ways she can not control.

Imagine how it's going to feel when your naked bodies are pressed together and you notice her bite down on her lip as she tilts her head back and moans in pleasure while you slide your fingertips between her legs and find this specific spot on her soaking wet pussy and tease it in a way that causes her body to begin convulsing with pleasure.

As well as my personal favorite move which is where you use this one specific technique to bring her right to the brink of orgasm and hold her there as long as you want…

You're also going to receive today when you sign up for the Foreplay Mastery Video training course and start down your path to become the next great foreplay master. How much would it be worth to know you can give her exactly what her body craves in bed every single time?

How great is it going to feel when you see your lover's eyes roll back in her head while her hips buck uncontrollably and she shakes in pure orgasmic ecstasy?If you're one of the lucky guys who already has a great sex life, imagine how much more turned on she's going to be when she feels like you're seducing her all over again like you did the very first time.As you already know, So being an expert at foreplay will set you apart from every other guy she may have ever been with.From Alexa: Do you know what determines if a woman is going to have an absolutely mind blowing, soul shaking sexual experience? If you were to guess that it's a guy with six pack abs, a huge dick, and the ability to last for hours on end, you would be dead wrong.Sure, those things can be nice to some women, but they are completely irrelevant when it comes to giving her a mind numbing and unforgettable orgasm.We're going to share with you a little known technique that will cause her leg muscles to tighten up and wrap around your head almost as if you're wearing her like a winter scarf that gives her so much pleasure she get's addicted to you.